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Shiv Customs Clearance

We are a well-established, leading Customs Clearing Agent in India with an extensive network and years of experience. With our knowledge and expertise across multiple ports in India, we are able to provide our clients with a seamless and efficient customs clearance process.

Our services encompass all aspects of customs clearance work, including the preparation and submission of documentation required for facilitating exports or imports into the country, representing clients during customs examination, assessment, payment of duty, and ensuring the delivery of cargo from customs after clearance, along with relevant documentation.

Our team manages all trade compliance and processes on behalf of our clients, enabling them to focus on the growth of their businesses. Our clean business practices and reputation in the industry ensure the swift clearance of consignments arriving by air, sea, or land. Our clientele values our honesty, reliability, and efficiency, which has helped us to establish long-lasting relationships.


The Shiv Customs Clearance Services offer numerous benefits to clients seeking efficient and hassle-free customs clearance. With an extensive network and years of experience across various ports in India and Globaly, clients can confidently rely on Shiv Customs to manage all aspects of the customs clearance process, ensuring a smooth and efficient clearance. By handling all trade compliance and customs clearance processes on clients' behalf, Shiv Customs saves valuable time and resources, allowing clients to focus on growing their businesses. Additionally, the team of experts at Shiv Customs possesses years of experience and knowledge in customs clearance, ensuring a seamless clearance process without any unexpected delays. The clean business policies and reputation in the industry also enable Shiv Customs to ensure speedy clearance of consignments arriving by air, sea, or land, resulting in timely delivery of goods without any hassle. The loyal and ever-growing clientele trusts Shiv Customs for their honesty, reliability, and efficiency, which have established long-lasting relationships based on a professional approach and clean business practices.

We cover:

Customs clearance brokers are professionals who are licensed to handle customs-related paperwork and facilitate the import and export of goods. Some of the different types of customs clearance broker cover include: Air Cargo, Sea Freight, Road Freight, Export Customs and Project Cargo Customs Brokerage.